I Ship

Relationships from books, TV, and movies that I am a shipper of.

Bella and Edward (Twilight)
There's nothing that I love more than these two, their story is epic. Some have pointed out that Edward is controlling and doesn't let Bella make her own descisions. I believe everything he does, he does for Bella, for her to be safe and happy. He might not always be right, but he just can't fathom the idea of losing Bella. He is, after all, a century old vampire, who for the first time in his life has romantic feelings for someone, so he's bound to make mistakes along the way. But I believe he never means to dictate Bella's life, he just needs to get used to the fact that he can't control everything that happens and that he can't protect Bella from everything.
Their story is the greatest love story. Bella is just an ordinary girl, just like any one of us and she gets the perfect man. That just gives us ladies some hope that that might happen to us, too. A girl can dream, can't she? :D

Mercy and Adam (Mercedes Thompson series)
This is my second favorite pairing of all times. I just love the MT series, it is so well written. The books are so intertwined that it's like reading one long book instead of a series.
Anyway, I just have to say that I love the character Mercy. She is smart, strong, independent. She stands up for what she thinks is right and doesn't just back down in the face of danger, she puts others before herself. Adam is a little controlling and arrogant at times, but that's just the way the author has created werewolves in this world. But he does love Mercy, he'd die for her. He's caring and just, and he's a great father.

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
I'm always drawn to the bad guys, so Damon's just up my alley :D I think that Damon is a much deeper and tortured character than Stefan, and that's something that appeals to me, too. Elena brings out the good in him. They are perfect for each other.
Some pair Damon up with Bonnie/Caroline, but I can't see him with anyone but Elena.

Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games)
I've never had this much trouble choosing a ship before as I had with this one. If you've read the Hunger Games then you know that Katniss takes her sweet time deciding who she wants to be with, and she loves both Peeta and Gale. I don't always ship the couple that ends up together, so it wasn't so much that Katniss couldn't decide. But in the books both guys are just such great choices, and it really is difficult to choose just one. For me, in the end it was just that unending devotion and unconditional love that Peeta has for Katniss that made me pick him for her. All the characters go through such hardships in the series, and the fact that Peeta was always there for Katniss is just admirable. And I really agree with Katniss when she explains why she chose Peeta over Gale.

Clary and Jace (Mortal Instruments)
There's no question that these two belong together. Despite having totally different upbringings they have a lot in common. They went through so much, thinking they were siblings and trying to deny what they felt for each other. But everything worked out in the end. They had a strong connection ever since they first met, especially on Jace's part, because he had never felt like that about anyone before. They both went to great lengths to keep the other safe. I just love that they got the chance to be together, they deserve it.

Yuuki and Zero (Vampire Knight)
I absolutely love them together, by far my favorite manga/anime pairing. I haven't read all the manga, but I have seen all episodes of the anime. I was so mad when the anime ended and they didn't kiss like they did in the manga, I would've really liked to see that.
The most appealing thing about their relationship is that it's so tortured, they love each other, but things keep getting between them. I hope that in the end they will be able to find each other again.

Michael and Sara (Prison Break)
Michael and Sara belong together, there's no doubt there. They have to get their happily ever after, they've been through so much. Although, when you watch the show you don't see them hugging or kissing very much, you can just tell their love is real. It shows in the way they talk to each other, what lengths they're willing to go to ensure the other's safety.
Okay, the show is over now, and I am not happy with how things ended. After all they went through they still didn't get their HEA, it just pisses me off.  >:[

Jared and Melanie (The Host)
I never liked Wanda, I always loved Melanie more. I feel that she is more the heroine of the story - she refuses to fade away, and does everything to get back to the man she loves. She's strong, at the beginning she blocks her knowledge of any other human survivors to protect her brother and Jared. Jared loves Melanie immensely, that's why he has trouble accepting Wanda, she stole Melanie away from him. But he wants to believe that Mel is still alive, because he can't live without her.

Chloe and Davis (Smallville)
Ever since Davis was first introduced in Smallville I loved him, I preferred him over Jimmy any day. Although, he's the bad guy he is more of a tortured soul to me. He has this darkness inside of him, but he tries to control it and be good. Plus, he really loves Chloe, and that's what we all really want. Even if it's not clearly said if Chloe has real feelings towards Davis I think that she must feel something for him. Even if she says she's only trying to protect Clark, I'd like to believe she's falling for Davis. Chloe is the only one who can help Davis control himself, so in a way she's his salvation.
I just think Chloe and Davis are perfect for each other. Although, Doomsday's destined to die, they will live on as a couple in my dreams :D

Rose and Dimitri (Vampire Academy)
coming soon

Buffy and Spike (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer)
I loved those two together. I was never that into Angel, but Spike was more my kinda guy :) He was evil, so there were times that Buffy couldn't stand him, but he had real feelings for her. And although she didn't quite love him, she cared for him, too.

Sylar and Claire (Heroes)
I started shipping these two just recently. When the show was just starting, I liked to pair her up with Peter, but he turned out to be her uncle, so that was the end of that ship. Although, there's no doubt that Sylar is evil, he's come a long way from the start of the series, and I think that Claire is just the right person to tame him a little. Plus they both have Claire's ability to regenerate, so they're virtually indestructible. They could spend forever together :D

Gwen and Kevin (Ben 10)
I don't usually ship cartoon/animated movies characters, but this pairing just really appealed to me from the start. I don't like to admit this openly, but I do watch cartoons from time to time :D I have seen every episode of the Ben 10 cartoons. I just really liked the Ben 10 series, so the pairing of Gwen and Kevin in the second series was just a BIG bonus. It's a cartoon so there's obviously not much relationship time for the two, but they are just so great for each other. Kevin is that arrogant bad boy and Gwen is a really strong character herself so there's always been this cute we-don't-always-get-along-but-I-really-like-you interaction.
Gwen really brings out the best in Kevin, he makes decisions that are not only for his benefit anymore. Feeling something for someone else is new to him, so it's really fun watching him fumble and try to give his best. He really has turned his life around since he met Gwen. And like I mentioned, Gwen is a really strong character, she doesn't take crap from anyone, and that includes Kevin. So I think they're perfect for each other.